Processed Products.


Processed Beef Products

The JBS factories in Brazil have a long history of producing quality Beef products using prime Brazilian Beef from cattle that are reared on the grasslands of Brazil.

Corned Beef

Corned Beef is sold under our ‘Hertford’ brand and we also supply private label and retailer own brands in a range of retail and Foodservice sized cans.

Corned Beef was first produced more than 100 years ago and has become a staple with customers within the UK in both retail cans and sold as a sliced chilled product in the chiller cabinets.

The name Corned Beef originates from the first curing process of the beef where ‘corns’ of salt were used to preserve the Beef.

JBS Corned Beef is produced in retail; foodservice, slicing and manufacturing cans packed in the following sizes:

Retail Cans

Available in both 200g and 340g cans which can be packed in shelf ready trays of 6’s or 12’s or cardboard cartons of 24 cans.

Foodservice Cans

Produced in 6lb (2.72kg) cans packed in cartons of 6 suitable for both cash & carry, wholesale customers and for use on Deli counters.

Slicing Cans

Available in 14lb (6.35kg) and 11lb (4.99kg) unlabelled cans which are supplied on pallets suitable for slicing for chilled pre-packs.


Produced in 9lb (4.08kg) round cans suitable for manufacturing use to produce pies, pasties and ready meals.

JBS has a full range of canned meat products and because of our unique supply chain that includes using our own fleet of trucks to collect the cattle from the farms is able to offer a totally secure and a closed supply chain right up to the delivery to our final customer.

Other products we supply include:

Hot Packs

JBS are also able to supply a range of canned hot packs including:

Stewed Steak - available in retail cans of 400g and Foodservice/Manufacturing size of 3.86kg.

We also produce a retail range of 400g hot pack including:

Steak & Kidney, Minced Beef, Beef Casserole, Beef Bolognese, Chilli con Carne.

Pouch Products

JBS supply both retail and Foodservice products in ambient pouches that offer a convenient format and are available in the following sizes:

Retail – 170g & 300g with products including Shredded Beef, Stewed Steak, Minced Beef, Beef & vegetables.

Foodservice/Manufacturing - 2.0kg to 5.0kg suitable for canteens, restaurants and manufacturers of pies and ready meals.

Beef Extract

This is a totally natural Beef flavouring made from concentrating the cooking juices from the Beef we process in our factories in Brazil.

This allows the product to be used as an ingredient without any need to declare as an artificial favouring in the product declaration and is used by manufactures for ready meal and soup production or in any product where Beef flavouring is required.

It is available in 25.4kg (56lb) and 28.12kg (62lb) plastic pails and in three different grades.